Heyyyyy guys!! I'm back in action with a brand new website, project reveal, and blog post!! It's only been about six months since my last post, so I figured it was time! Ha! I'm so stoked to reveal my Island Time Project. My client wanted to update the layout of her kitchen, add a massive island, and brighten it up. Take a look at the before + after pictures below and let me know what you think!


The cabinets needed a big update and the client wasn't very happy with the corner sink. It wasn't an efficient use of space and had to be moved. We added a large island to increase counter space, seating, and storage, which became the perfect place for the sink!


The whole kitchen was demolished to make way for a fresh new layout with new floors, cabinets, tile and appliances. Kept the cabinets and counters bright and airy by doing all white. The Carrara backslash added some texture and interest to the space and the wood shelves warmed it up just right. Tell me whatcha think in the comments below!!