Major Entry Envy


I don't know about you, but I feel like this weekend went by real fast! Hopefully yours went at a more normal speed and you were able to fully enjoy it.

To get this week started I've gathered some of my favorite entry spaces. I always get MAJOR envy while looking at pretty little spaces like these...our condo has absolutely zero entry space...actually negative space if that's even possible. I can't wait to have a house with a real life entry. To have a place to put my bag, hang my keys and coat, sit on a bench to take my shoes on and off, and an area to add some greenery would just make me the happiest person ever! I'm pretty sure I would actually hangout there all day...ok maybe not all day, but I would definitely spend some time sitting on my bench attempting to scare people as they enter. Ha! Sounds fun, right?!

I hope your Monday is as lovely as these photos..


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