Inspo: My Bedroom


I'm finally getting around to somewhat 'designing' our master bedroom. Currently there is nothing hanging on the walls, no closet doors, no window treatment, and nothing that really makes it feel homey. And yes, I call myself a designer...crazy, I know!! We've been renting our condo for over a year now, so I guess it's time to finally make some changes. Ha! We spent the first six months with nothing in our bedroom except for our mattress on the floor...yep, we were literally crawling in and out of our bed every morning and night. Boy is it nice to have a bed elevated off the's just the little things, you know?! 

I'm keeping things pretty simple around here and am really digging the inspo photos I collected below. I plan on sticking with a neutral color palette of whites, greys, and beiges. Kyle and I both gravitate towards grey A LOT, so I figured I should just go with it. As much as I would love to install some faux wood beams...I'll save that for when we actually have a home to call our home. I definitely want to get some tongue and grove paneling up on the walls though...I swear I will never ever get sick of a little t+g!

Happy humpty hump day y'all!


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