Major Kitchen Envy

The kitchen might be one of my favorite rooms in a home to design...I love being able to pick out all of the materials and finishes that together create a certain vibe for the finished space. In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home and is where a lot of time is spent and enjoyed. I think this makes everyone really appreciate a nice kitchen with a good layout and killer finishes...I know I do!!

There are so many options though when it comes to designing your kitchen...should all of the cabinetry be the same color? Should the island blend in or stand out on its own? Upper cabinets or open shelving? Drywall hood or the traditional stainless steel hood? Tile backsplash or a slab backsplash? And then you just get into even more options when it comes to picking out the lighting fixtures and hardware...and I love it all!! 

I've gathered up some of my favorite kitchen spaces that make me oh so envious! Whatcha y'all think? What type of kitchen would you love to have in your very own home?

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