All About: Pale Dogwood

Pale dogwood is one of Pantone's top colors for Spring 2017, so I thought why not do a post all about Pale Dogwood?!? Normally I'm not a huge fan of pink, but every now and then I find it popping into my yesterday, I kept gravitating towards pink while trying to pick out the nail polish color I wanted to use...I guess it goes in phases. I liked the color pink as a little girl, but I think I had a major overdose of it while my family and I lived in England. I lived there between the ages of six and ten and my entire room in the house we rented was pink...the walls, the tiles in the bathroom, and I want to say that even the carpet was too. Pink everywhere!! I'm convinced that's why I've stayed clear of it for the most part...that or the fact that I became a tomboy shortly after. Ha!

Anyways, I've gathered up some inspo images showing how this top spring color may be used in your life. If you're a pink fanatic then maybe you'll go as far as painting your front door or brick in your kitchen pink! If not, maybe just add some hints of pale dogwood with a small planter or pillow.

Keep scrolling down to find some pretty in pink items I've collected just for y'all!

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