A Few Faves

Just like that it's Friday again!! Even better, it's St. Patrick's Day! I hope y'all have your green on and have some plans tonight involving some green beer...I have on my pair of bright green jeans that I've worn every St. Patrick's day for the last 12 years. Ha!! I'm dead serious...you'd think I'd want to change it up a bit, but they are the perfect 'in your face' green pants, so I can't bring myself to ever wear anything else. I just said green so many times....

For today's post, I've collected a few of my current faves...the collection consists of things such as items I own and love, ones I'm dying to have, some good eats, and a tasty drink! Take a look and if anything catches your interest then keep scrolling down to see what I have to say about each item. What are you guys loving at the moment? Have anything good to share with me??

1 // these flats are not only super cute, but also very comfy...that's a win-win!! I normally ahve a really hard time wearing flats (they always seem to give me blisters), but so far these are great!

2 // i love the message and simplicity of this keychain 

3 // when picking some art for your home, you can't go wrong with a landscape beauty like this one

4 // yum yum yum. I can't wait to try these tacos

5 // i have wanted this table lamp for a very long time and I have a feeling this want won't be going away...

6 // how rad is this pillow?? So good...stripes get me every. damn. time.

7 // i love a good tank...especially if it's gray

8 // i'm constantly lugging around way too much stuff and always need a large bag. I'm really digging this simple green tote

9 // this rug would add some character to any space without being too overpowering

10 // if you're a gin fan like me, you gotta try this drink