IRL: My Family Room

If you missed my first IRL post, let me explain real quick what this blog series will be taking you behind the scenes showing and keeping you updated on what's going on with our clients (myself included!)...exciting, right?!? Ha! At least hopefully a little bit. If you're like me and don't already know, IRL stands for 'in real life' and I find it absolutely hysterical, so I decided to use it for the title of this series. Blah blah blah...enough of that...

Over the last couple of months I've been slowly trying to create a 'home office' for myself...aka, I've shoved a desk into a corner of our family room and ta-da!! You gotta work with what you have, right?! Our family room isn't the smallest one out there, but it definitely doesn't have bragging rights's roughly 12' x 15' and made it somewhat challenging to create a work corner (especially while using all of our existing furniture). Kyle and I moved into this condo almost a year and a half ago and were really lucky that my furniture I already owned from my one bedroom apartment fit nicely. I definitely like a lot of the pieces, but don't get me wrong, if a magical little fairy flew down and said she would refurnish our space for free, I would happily accept the offer ha!!

Even though it may be tight on space, our family room has wonderful sliding doors that I love! They let a ton of light in, which definitely makes the space feel bigger. The more natural light that comes into a space the better...makes a room much cheerier! 

You can see the layout of our room and the items I plan on adding to finish the look below. Be sure to check back soon for updates and some before + after photos!!

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