Inspo: My Family Room

To follow up on my family room floor plan post, I thought I'd share some family room design/decor inspo with y'all! Most of these rooms are much bigger than ours, so I'm not really using them for inspo for the layout, but more for the overall vibe and feel of the space. The majority of them have a very neutral and natural look, while some have a pop of vibrant color. However, they all have very light colored walls and greenery...two things that I will be definitely updating our space with. The renter before us painted the walls a light teal color and I cannot wait to paint over it with a more neutral hue. We already have some small plants in our family room, but I'm hoping to find the perfect indoor tree to add to our collection. Wish me luck!

Enjoy the inspo! Wishing everyone a happy Monday!

*click images for sources