Just Add Your Pet

If you ever feel like a photo of your room is missing something...just add your pet! If you don't have one, maybe your overly nice next door neighbor will let you borrow hers. Ha! Seriously though...animals are the absolute best! I swear I automatically like a photo ten times more if there is an animal in it...especially if it's a dog, or a cow, or a mini donkey, or an alpaca ha, or I guess just any animal really...how funny would it be to see a mini donkey or an alpaca lounging in a family room. That would be amazing, right?!? Anywaysss, if you have an adorable dog, cat, bunny, turtle (you get the point) have them model for you as you snap some pics of your space. I can't speak for the rest of the human race, but I can promise you I will at least like your photo more...

Check out the photos below for some pet interior inspo!

*click images for sources