IRL: Project Cozy + A Tad Industrial

We presented our project cozy + a tad industrial to our clients last week and they loved everything! It's one of the best feelings when you put hours upon hours into a design and then you receive such positive feedback from your client. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome! I would love to be able to share the entire presentation with you, but that obvious wouldn't be fair to our client, so instead I'll just share some of the drawings we created. Do you remember the post we did about displaying kids' artwork?? This was the client we were referring to...the ones with the super creative and cute kids!! Anyways, take a look at the different options we gave them below for their large plain wall, which will now become a gallery wall full of pretty art, photos, and of course their kids' masterpieces!

Option 1: they loved a particular console and weren't sure if it was going to be big enough for this wall, so of course we drew it up to give them a better idea of what it would look like in real life (IRL!!)...not bad, but does look a little small for the wall.


Option 2: the console also comes in a smaller size, so I thought why not try two of the smaller guys?! 

Option 3: get a custom piece made that still has the same vibe as the console they like so much, but would fit the space better.

Option 4: use modular cabinets to create a long console and give a more custom look without actually going the custom route.

Option 5: use the modular cabinets in varying heights to add more interest while creating a unique and custom look.

Which option do you like best??

I'm totally in love with option 2!! To be honest, it's not the one I thought I was going to like best, but after completeing all of the drawings it won me over!

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