Cabin Vibes

Happy happy Monday friends! I hope y'all had a super fun weekend.

Kyle and I spent a long weekend in Mammoth with his parents and it was absolutely wonderful! I love the snow and haven't been in a few years. We took Maple with us and I think she was even more obsessed than me. Maple is a ball fanatic and will chase and play catch all day long if you let her. She found her new favorite thing while playing in the snow...snowballs! She was so much fun to watch sprint around and dig in the snow. On another note, I tried snowboarding again! I've only gone snowboarding a handful of times and the last time I went was 12 years ago. Yikes! This time I took a lesson, so I could actually learn from a professional and not try to teach myself. It was so much fun!! I definitely fell a few times and am feeling it now, but I can't wait to get back to the snow. Maybe one day we will have a cute little cabin to call home...until then I'll just keep gathering some pretty inspo.

Check out some cabin vibes below!

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